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New Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) Certification Program

MTI Business Solutions is excited to add Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) training and certification programs to the firm's broad selection of employee development programs focused on building better workplaces.

Six Sigma is a data-driven, customer-focused, results-oriented methodology focused on systematically eliminating defects and inefficiencies to improve processes. Six Sigma can be effective in all kinds of organizations, including (but not limited to) production/manufacturing, service, healthcare and transaction-based environments.

How DiSC Style Impacts the Impression You Make

Your DiSC style has a significant impact on how other people perceive you. Knowing your style – and how it affects the way you come across to others – can help you be aware of your natural strengths, as well as identify areas where you may need to learn how to adapt to get the results you need.

Style By Style Impressions

The D Impression

People who have a D style tend to come across as self-confident, direct, willing to take risks and forceful.