HRCI General PHR-SPHR Recertification

Cultivating Accountability in a Virtual Work Environment

While accountability is a crucial component of overall organizational success, it’s an area that managers often find to be challenging – even more so when faced with the unique challenge of applying accountability best practices to a virtual work environment. Whether you’re responsible for overseeing the work of a few employees or an entire enterprise, the way you approach accountability with your remote team will have a critical impact on performance, productivity, and results.

Learning Objectives

Beyond 'Illegal' Interview Questions: What Hiring Managers Need to Know About Protected Characteristics

Designed for individuals involved in any aspect of the hiring process, this course provides a comprehensive overview of key facts about protected characteristics to screen applicants, conduct interviews and make hiring decisions in a manner that is compliant with U.S. equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws and regulations.

Coaching Skills for Managers: How to Be a Coach in the Workplace

If you want to be a great manager or HR professional, it’s important that your employees don’t just see you as a boss. If your employees perceive you solely as a “boss” – and not as a coach, that can set the stage for an adversarial ‘us versus them’ dynamic in the relationship. Such a dynamic doesn’t lead to the most productive or effective work environment, and it can keep individual employees – and teams – from reaching their full potential.