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Creative (and Free!) Ways to Make the Most of LinkedIn for Recruiting

LinkedIn is a powerful resource for recruiting, and there are many ways you can leverage this popular business-oriented social networking site to support your staffing and recruiting efforts. Whether or not you are using LinkedIn's fee-based recruitment solutions, there are a number of no-cost strategies that you should also implement in order to make the most of this powerful professionally-focused social networking site for recruitment purposes. Attend MTI's informative session for practical strategies and techniques you can implement immediately.

Generational Divide: Understanding Generational Differences in the Workplace

Each generation is unique – just as each person is unique – and people from all age groups have the ability to make significant contributions in the modern workplace. Building a positive, productive workforce starts with valuing all generations as a whole, as well as valuing the individual contributors in your organization – regardless of generation. Perfecting the art cross-generational communication in the workplace has to start with knowledge of what key generational differences are and why, and insight into how each generation – and the individuals within it – adds value.