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Delegating Effectively for Managers

Delegating Effectively for Managers

Being able to delegate effectively is an important skill for every manager and supervisor. Mastering the skill of delegation will help you succeed as a supervisor and empower your employees to reach their potential as individual producers. Attend MTI’s Delegating Effectively webinar and discover why delegating is so important and how to go about doing so in an appropriate and effective way that drives results.


Focus Areas

Key focus areas of this course include:

Bias in the Workplace: Recognizing & Overcoming Its Impact

As an employee of a diverse organization that's committed to inclusion, it's critical to recognize your own biases and proactively strive to overcome any negative impact they may have on attitudes, perceptions, and workplace behaviors.

2 Types of Bias: Conscious and Unconscious
If your first thought is to think "Wait - I don't have any biases," it's important to understand that everyone has biases. There are two kinds of bias - conscious and unconscious - and both are barriers to an inclusive work environment.