Beyond 'Illegal' Interview Questions: What Hiring Managers Need to Know About Protected Characteristics

Course Description: 

Designed for individuals involved in any aspect of the hiring process, this course provides a comprehensive overview of key facts about protected characteristics to screen applicants, conduct interviews and make hiring decisions in a manner that is compliant with U.S. equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws and regulations.

Compliance-Focused Interview Training for Hiring Managers

If you're involved in hiring or screening applicants, it's critical for you to have a thorough understanding of EEO requirements and protected characteristics. Attend this informative session to deepen your knowledge of off-limits topics for the hiring process beyond what is found on the often-used lists of illegal interview questions commonly used when “training” people on how to hire. These lists may in some cases be a good starting point, but they don’t fully equip people who screen applicants or make hiring decisions with everything they need to know to avoid introducing the potential for discrimination into the hiring process.

Topics Covered Include

  • Why a list of ‘illegal interview questions’ to avoid is not sufficient
  • What the protected characteristics are and why they are off-limits during the hiring process
  • Common hiring process mistakes (to avoid) related to protected characteristics
  • Examples of less-than-obvious off-limits topics based on real-world situations
  • Best practices to avoid EEO-related risks and liability related to the hiring process

Who Should Attend

  • HR professionals
  • Talent acquisition / recruiting professionals
  • Managers & supervisors with hiring responsibilities
  • Business owners
  • Risk management professionals

Course Length

This course is available as a half-day workshop, or as a 60 - 90 minute webinar or lunch-and-learn. See our public webinar schedule or contact us to schedule a session at any U.S. location.

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