Everything DiSC Management

Course Description: 

Designed to help mangers better understand their natural one-to-one supervisory style and apply that knowledge to strengthening their direct-report relationships, Everything DiSC Management is a powerful assessment and training tool when your goal is to improve supervisors’ ability to elicit peak team performance and productivity in a positive work environment.

Paired with training, this powerful, validated behavioral style assessment is designed to enable supervisors and managers to better understand themselves and master the art of reading the behavioral styles of others using a simple, practical framework. These are key factors in effectively directing, delegating, motivating and developing employees.

Everything DiSC Management Training Options

Trainees will complete an online Everything DiSC Management assessment questionnaire, then participate in a dynamic training session focused on interpreting and applying individualized results in their roles as supervisors. They'll receive an individualized Everything DiSC Workplace profile, which provides a custom roadmap for building effective supervisory relationships based on behavioral styles.

  • Everything DiSC Management Workshop - Group workshop focused on improving supervisory success by understanding your one-to-one DiSC management style and tips for reading other people’s styles. This workshop can be customized to focus on specific organizational challenges. We typically have open discussions in areas of understanding personalities, directing & delegating, motivation, developing others and working with your manager. (6 hours)
  • Management Assessment with Group Debrief - Navigating and understanding your Everything DiSC management assessment in a group training session. This ‘Lunch & Learn’ format focuses inward at each manager's specific style and an overview of how styles interact.(2-hour ‘Lunch & Learn’ format)
  • Management Assessment with Individual Debrief - Individual debrief session with an Everything DiSC management facilitator to navigate and interpret your assessment. This is a good option to have individual discussions on specific management challenges and required adjustments. A very good tool to include with other specific training necessary for a managers professional growth in a specific area. (Telephone; 90 minutes)
  • Custom Management Training Solutions - Pair Everything DiSC Management with additional MTI Business Solutions Success Seminar Series management workshops for additional training needs. Because this tool is vital to the base of solid management knowledge, we do encourage its use as a foundation for many of our leadership and management seminars.

DIY Administration

If you prefer to administer Everything DiSC Management (and/or other Everything DiSC tools) in-house, we will be happy to work with you. As your Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, MTI Business Solutions can set up a do-it-yourself assessment dashboard and provide the support and training you need for effective internal implementation.


Supervisors, managers, team leaders and group leaders with employees who report directly to them, as well as project managers and executives. Also appropriate for those who are being prepared to step up to managerial roles.