Customer Service Seminars

MTI’s Customer Service training seminars are specifically designed to provide understanding to wants and needs of others while learning the proper communication to attain satisfactory outcomes.Each of these courses can also be modified for private training. If you have questions about a specific course or when it will be scheduled please contact us.

Is the success of your business dependent partially – or largely – dependent on telephone communication? If so, it’s impossible to underestimate the importance of making sure that every member of your team has – and uses -- outstanding telephone customer service skills.

Providing effective telephone customer service isn’t something that can be reduced to a certain way of answering the phone or following a customer communication script. It requires an understanding of what customer service really is, a commitment to continual improvement of interpersonal communication skills and a customer-focused mindset.

Course Objectives

Properly used, the telephone can be a valuable customer service tool that is convenient, economical and efficient. Participate in MTI’s Effective Telephone Customer Service audio conference and find out how to make the most of this important form of customer communication.  

This course provides training on the key components of effective telephone customer service.

Topics covered include:

  • Projecting a professional image via telephone
  • 7 essentials of effective telephone customer service
  • Language choice don’ts: words to avoid
  • Word usage do’s: customer focused language
  • Beyond the words: keys to effective nonverbal communications
  • Tips for improving your telephone voice
  • Customer-focused listening skills
  • Additional helpful tips for providing effective telephone customer service

Who Should Attend

  • Team members
  • Employees
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Business owners
  • HR professionals

Customer service is a major component of virtually every job, and providing exceptional customer service is essential for individual and organizational success. MTI's Customer Service Essentials seminar is designed to help you learn to communicate in a manner that will help you cultivate loyal customer relationships and build your referral business. Want to build solid relationships with customers?

The key to cultivating customer loyalty lies with mastering the art of providing exceptional customer service. By learning to communicate effectively with customers, you increase the likelihood that your customers will come back to your organization time and time again, as well as that they'll refer other people to you.

Learning Objectives

Customer service is a major component of virtually every job, and providing exceptional customer service is essential for individual and organizational success. Customer Service Essentials is designed to help you learn to communicate in a manner that will help you and your organization cultivate long term customer relationships. Everyone in an organization touches customers in some way. This half-day seminar offers practical training designed to help individuals in all types of positions effectively communicate with customers. Learn to recognize and properly handle common customer service challenges such as dealing with difficult or irate customers and how to communicate positively with customers. You’ll also learn the truth about common customer service myths, gain insight into the expectations and needs of today’s consumers, and leave with practical tips for providing exceptional customer service.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Benefits of Exceptional Customer Service
  • Common Customer Service Myths – and the truth
  • Customer Expectations
  • Customer Satisfaction vs. Customer Loyalty
  • Tips for Providing Exceptional Customer Service
  • Preventing Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Reasons for Preventing Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Importance of Dealing with Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Benefits of Customer Complaints
  • Recognizing Problems
  • Proactive Problem Solving
  • Communication for Problem Resolution
  • Customer Emotions
  • Language Choice
  • Dealing with Angry Customers
  • Additional important customer service skills

Who Should Attend

  • Customer service representatives
  • Employees/team members in any job
  • Sales professionals
  • Supervisors/managers


 Need to brush up your customer service problem solving skills? Customer service is a major component of virtually every job. Everyone in an organization plays a role in customer service, so it's important to know how to prevent problems in a proactive manner as well as how to handle them once they arise.

Learning Objectives

MTI's Customer Service Problem Solving seminar is designed for professionals who want to learn how to improve their communication skills so they can prevent many customer problems from arising, as well as to master the art of effectively dealing with problems once they do occur.

Learn to utilize customer focused communication and to recognize and properly handle common customer service challenges such as dealing with difficult or irate customers, communicating positively with customers, and more.

Topics covered in this half-day seminar include:

  • Understanding customer expectations
  • Where does customer dissatisfaction come from?
  • Practical strategies for preventing customer dissatisfaction
  • Effective problem resolution strategies
  • Understanding the benefits of customer complaints
  • Tips for recognizing customer problems
  • Key communication skills for problem resolution
  • Understanding why customers sometimes get angry
  • Strategies to deal effectively with angry customers
  • Language choice tips: trigger phrases versus calming words

Who Should Attend

  •  Team members
  • Employees
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Business owners
  • HR professionals


CEU's Approvals:

When you work with the public, you will work with people from all kinds of backgrounds and with all kinds of temperaments, some of whom will sometimes (or all of the time) be difficult. Providing effective customer service doesn't necessarily mean giving in to all customer requests - particularly when they are unreasonable. But it does require taking steps to ensure customer needs are met. MTI's half-day seminar is designed to provide practical considerations and steps you can follow in order to deal with difficult customer situations as effectively as possible.

Learning Objectives

Topics covered include:

  • Maintaining control in difficult customer situations
  • Recognizing customer anger
  • Tips for avoiding taking customer negativity personally
  • Maintaining an appropriate demeanor
  • Setting boundaries
  • Keeping expectations realistic
  • Tips for showing empathy
  • Effective listening skills
  • Key response skills
  • Structuring messages for problem solving
  • Getting higher level personnel involved
  • Moving past difficult customer encounters

Who Should Attend

  • Customer service representatives
  • Sales professionals
  • Employees who interact with customers
  • Managers/supervisors who oversee employees that interact with customers

Providing feedback to employees – positive and negative – is a vital part of every management job. Being able to give effective feedback to employees is is a skill that every manager and HR professional needs to master. It’s essential for mangers to let employees know when they’re doing a good job and to let them know when improvement is needed. Attend this informative program and get practical tips and suggestions that you can immediately apply.

Topics Covered

Attend MTI’s Employee Feedback That Works seminar and learn:

  • Step-by-step guide to effective performance feedback
  • Common problems with employee feedback
  • Practical tips for giving effective employee feedback
  • How to give feedback that makes a difference
  • Common mistakes that supervisors make when giving feedback and how to avoid making them.

Who Should Attend

  • Managers, supervisors and team leaders
  • HR professionals
  • Business owners
  • Project Managers


This program can be delivered in varying lengths, ranging from a half-day workshop to a one-hour keynote presentation or webinar. Contact us to schedule a session for your company or organization.

Paired with training, the Everything DiSC Sales assessment is a powerful, validated tool designed to enable sales professionals to leverage the power of behavioral styles for maximum success. Through learning how to "read" the DiSC styles of customers and prospects, sales professionals are able to adapt their sales communication, body language, and closing styles to connect better, ultimately closing more sales and maintaining better long-term customer relationships.

Everything DiSC Sales Training Options

Participants will complete an online Everything DiSC Sales assessment questionnaire, then take part in a dynamic training session focused on interpreting and applying individualized results for sales success. They'll receive an individualized Everything DiSC Sales profile, which provides a custom roadmap for building effective sales relationships based on behavioral styles, and ongoing access to, where they can run unlimited one-to-one customer comparison reports as needed. 

  • Everything DiSC Sales Workshop – Group workshop focused on helping participants discover and understand their own DiSC style to better understand themselves, become able to recognize and understand the buying styles of customers and learn how to adapt as needed. (6 or hours)
  • Sales Assessment + Group Debrief – Navigating and understanding your Everything DiSC Sales assessment in a group training session. (2-hour ‘Lunch & Learn’ format)
  • Sales Assessment + Individual Debrief – Individual debrief session with an Everything DiSC Sales assessment to navigate and interpret your assessment. (Telephone; 90 minutes) 
  • Custom Everything DiSC Sales Training Solutions: Pair Everything DiSC Sales with additional MTI Business Solutions Success Seminar Series professional development workshops or customized training.

DIY Administration

If you prefer to administer Everything DiSC Sales (and/or other Everything DiSC tools) in-house, we will be happy to work with you. As your Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, MTI Business Solutions can set up a do-it-yourself assessment dashboard and provide the support and training you need for effective internal implementation.


Sales professionals, sales managers, marketing professionals, business owners.

CEU's Approvals:

Each generation is unique – just as each person is unique – and people from all age groups have the ability to make significant contributions in the modern workplace. Building a positive, productive workforce starts with valuing all generations as a whole, as well as valuing the individual contributors in your organization – regardless of generation. Perfecting the art cross-generational communication in the workplace has to start with knowledge of what key generational differences are and why, and insight into how each generation – and the individuals within it – adds value. This requires getting to know key differences among generations, including their formative influences, characteristics and workplace behaviors, as well as how to manage outside your own generation. That's exactly what you'll learn from MTI's Generational Divide: Understanding Generational Differences in the Workplace workshop.

Key Topics

When people from different generations work side-by-side in the workplace, as they do every day, this poses unique workplace challenges, but it also sets the stage for tremendous opportunity as well. While the different generations don’t always see ‘eye-to-eye,’ bridging the generational divide can lead to greater innovation, productivity, effectiveness and – ultimately – competitive advantage. That’s the power that can come from leveraging the power and benefits of generational diversity. Key topics covered in this informative session include:

  • Overview of the 4 primary generations participating in the workplace (millennials, generation X, generation Y, Baby Boomers)
  • Impact of previous generation (traditionalists) on the current state of the workplace
  • Understanding/clarifying what makes each generation unique, in terms formative influences, characteristics and workplace behaviors
  • Tips for managing & working with individuals in other generations, both older and younger
  • Practical tips for applying knowledge of generational differences to build a better workplace

Who Should Attend

  • HR professionals
  • Managers & Supervisors
  • Employees at all levels
  • Business owners
  • Executives
  • Organizational Development (OD) professionals
  • Organizational Effectiveness professionals


This program can be delivered in varying lengths, ranging from a half-day workshop to a one-hour keynote presentation or webinar. Contact us to schedule a session for your company or organization.

Is your organization positioned to embrace and benefit from the latest advances in social media? Or, are you still pretending social media doesn't exist? Maybe you're "just letting it happen" or "dabbling" with social networking. If this sounds like your approach to social networking, it's time to learn how to develop a strategy for social media usage that is aligned with your company's overall goals and objectives.

Like it or not, social media is a part of 21st century culture and the lines between personal and business online networking are becoming less distinct every day. Businesses and professionals who recognize the value of social networking and incorporate it into their success strategies are placing themselves in a unique position to make the most of this relatively new tool for strategic business communication. As with every form of communication, there are right ways to incorporate social networking into your strategic business plan, as well as several wrong ways that can actually do more harm than good.

Find out why social media is integral to modern corporate communication and learn how to create and implement an effective social networking strategy that makes sense for your organization - and that will align your company's use of social media with your organization's strategic business plan for long term success.

Topics include:

  • Why social media marketing is essential
  • Creating a social media strategy that aligns with business strategy
  • Social media as a tool for strategic business communication
  • Inbound (social media) versus outbound (traditional) communication tools
  • Overview of and strategic applications for popular social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • Social media cautions and policy considerations

Who Should Attend:

  • Small business owners
  • Operations managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Sales managers
  • Public relations practitioners

Have you done an internal customer service check-up at your organization lately? Do your company's managers and employees treat each other the way you know that paying customers should be treated? If you want to find out how to create a culture of customer service throughout your organization, this class is for you!

Learning Objectives

It's a fact that customer service success starts from the inside. MTI's Internal Customer Service class is designed for managers, business owners, and other professionals who want to cultivate a true service culture in their organizations. A company must exhibit exceptional internal customer service in order to truly provide exceptional service to their external customers.  Learn how developing a customer service orientation within your organization can give you a competitive edge in today’s service-oriented market. 

Topics Covered in this half-day seminar include:

  • Who are your customers?
  • Understanding the importance of internal customers
  • Relationship between internal and external customer service
  • Internal customer service checkup
  • Benefits of internal customer service
  • Effective communication for internal customer service
  • How to improve internal customer service
  • How to be a good internal customer?
  • How to provide exceptional internal service?
  • Tips for strengthening internal customer service
  • Conduct an internal customer service checkup

Who Should Attend

  • Employees in any department
  • Managers/supervisors/team members
  • Small business owners
  • Customer service professionals
  • HR professionals
  • Public relations professionals


This program can be delivered in varying lengths, ranging from a half-day workshop to a one-hour keynote presentation or webinar. Contact us to schedule a session for your company or organization.

Want to become a more effective sales professional as well as a trusted resource for your customers and potential clients? There was a time when the “hard close” was an acceptable sales method. Today’s consumers and business owners rebel against that method.

Every sales person, sales manager, and business owner should be familiar with a needs-based sales process that always puts the buyer first. Additionally, companies are working hard to hire and retain good employees. You should be able to “sell” your company to potential hires and communicate change to existing employees in a positive manner.

Sales Strategies That Work: How to Open Doors, Win Business, and Build Relationships emphasizes what any sales person, sales manager, business manager or business owner needs to know to continue to strive in the current marketplace. Our challenges are all the same. We must continue to do business, hire and retain employees and maintain a positive reputation to the people who look to us to provide solutions.

Learning Objectives

Topics Covered in this full-day seminar include:

  • How to build a trust-based relationship with a client/employee
  • Establishing self-belief
  • Establishing belief in your product or company
  • Determining client needs through a “Client Needs Analysis” using an open-ended question approach
  • Building and Presenting a solution
  • Negotiating and Securing the Order (formerly known as “Closing”)
  • Executing a plan through all levels of the organization
  • Follow-through and Customer Service
  • Maintaining a client relationship
  • Additional information

Who Should Attend

  • Sales representatives
  • Sales managers
  • Marketers
  • Business owners
  • Public relations practitioners
  • Advertising professionals

Learn how to listen to your buyers and help them buy the product they want (or else they wouldn't’ be in the conversation with you)!  Our Stop Talking and Sell More workshop focuses on successful business growth through taking a consultative approach to the sales process. Designed for new and seasoned sellers alike, this program focuses on how to uncover a client’s needs through a conversational approach that puts you on the same side of the table as your buyer. Building trust in the sales process is the key-element in this class. 

Course Outline

Topics covered in this dynamic sales training seminar include:

  • How to build a TRUE trust-based buying/selling relationship
  • Establishing self-belief and belief in your product or company
  • Determining client needs through a “Client Needs Analysis"
  • Communicating with your client using open-ended questioning techniques
  • Building and presenting a solution
  • Developing a winning proposal
  • Effective negotiating strategies
  • Securing the order
  • Executing a plan through all levels of the organization
  • Following through
  • Effective customer service
  • Maintaining a client relationship
  • Becoming a resource rather than a vendor

About the Trainer

This class will be taught by Michelle Crowe Ritter, CEO of e-worc Web and New Media. She is a successful entrepreneur with 20+ years of successful sales and marketing experience in a corporate environment. She has served as a sales manager, marketing director, account manager, research director and key executive with responsibility for management, media relations, advertising, branding, and internal and external communications. Routinely called upon to speak as a guest lecturer, Michelle is recognized as an expert in matters relating to digital media, relationship selling and communication.


Do you find yourself running out of time to accomplish the things you need to get done? If you often wonder where all of your time has gone, this class can provide you with practical tips and suggestions for managing your time more effectively.

Learning Objectives

Everyone is limited to 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Managing your time can help you utilize your time more effectively and efficiently.

MTI's Time Management seminar is designed for busy professionals who need a little guidance when it comes to getting their schedules under control and learning how to practice effective time management techniques.

Topics Covered in this half-day seminar include:

  •     Relationship Between Time Management and Organizational Skills
  •     Top Time Management Myths
  •     Basic Facts About Time Management
  •     Identifying and Minimizing Time Wasters
  •     Analyzing Time Usage
  •     Recognizing and Changing Bad Habits
  •     Strategies for Effective Time Management
  •     Top Tips for Time Management

Who Should Attend

  • Employees at every level
  • Managers/supervisors
  • Business owners