Communication Seminars

Attend this half-day seminar and learn key skills for delivering effective customer service.
Microsoft Access is a powerful data tracking software which allows users to customize collected data forms, and queries. This two-day “hands-on” seminar teaches the basic to intermediate skills necessary to achieve many of today’s business needs with data collection. Learn the skills that help you manage your business data the way you want it managed.
Are you ready to become an agile HR leader? This informative training session will provide you with the insights and pracitcal suggestions you need to do just that.
SQL Server® is much more powerful than either Microsoft Query® or Microsoft Access®. SQL Server allows for complex bulk manipulations for all selected records. MTI’s full two-day, hands on seminar will provide you with the basic skill sets to accomplish the foundational uses for data manipulation. Take control of your data and start improving the benefits of your information.
Business writing skills are essential for success in the modern workplace. Attend this half-day seminar and learn how to apply sound principles of business writing as well as how to avoid common mistakes.
Attend this half-day seminar and improve your job search and interviewing skills. This outplacement or career development seminar is designed for individuals who are seeking new career opportunities.
Competition for grant funding is fierce. Attend this half-day seminar and get beyond-the-basic tips from a professional grant writer on crafting effective grant applications that stand out!
The Cultivating a Culture of Teamwork seminar is a half-day of practical tips and techniques for cultivating a culture of teamwork within organizations. This seminar can help get maximum return on your employee investment.
Are you tired of struggling to have your ideas heard and taken seriously in your company? Do you want to learn how to be more influential in your professional life? Do you want to play a key role in organizational decision-making, changes and strategic planning? If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, it’s important to learn how to develop your influence skills.
Customer service is a major component of virtually every job and is a key component of organizational success. Attend this half-day seminar and learn keys to cultivating customer loyalty by providing exceptional customer service.
Attend this half-day seminar and learn key skills for customer service problem solving.
Attend this half-day seminar and improve your ability to effectively manage difficult customer service situations.
Cultivating a work environment characterized by cultural competence is critical for success in the modern business environment. Today’s workforce is more diverse now than it has ever been in the past, and is likely to continue to become more and more diverse in the future. Organizations and individual professionals are well-served by striving to create inclusive work environments where diversity is truly welcomed and people are valued because of their unique contributions and individual differences – not in spite of them. Cultural competence is the key.
Looking for practical tips and suggestions that can help you become a more competent communicator in the modern workplace? Attend this half-day seminar and learn how to communicate more effectively in a professional work environment.
Conflict occurs in every job and relationship. Conflict can be good or bad - how you handle it is what makes the difference! Learn key conflict management skills for professional and personal success.
Listening is a critical communication skill, and it's necessary for success in any occupation. In this half-day course, you'll learn to apply key listening skills necessary for success.
The ability to evaluate employee performance effectively is a key management skill. In this half-day course, you'll learn how to conduct meaningful performance appraisals while avoiding common problems and pitfalls.
Providing feedback to employees – positive and negative – is a vital part of every management job and doing so is a skill that every supervisor and HR professional needs to master. This half-day seminar teachers supervisors how to provide employees with the feedback they need to succeed.
This half-day seminar covers the essentials of major employment laws, providing the practical knowledge of recognizing where potential problems may exist and when it’s critical to involve the company’s HR department or leaders. Learn how to protect yourself and your company proactively from potential risks.
Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders isn't just any 360 - it is the best 360. This powerful leadership assessment and development tool is based on a research-validated model created by the publishers of Everything DiSC and provided by MTI Business Solutions. It combines the best of multi-rater evaluations for leaders with the simplicity and power of Everything DiSC, while taking away the negatives that are often associated with multi-rater evaluations.
Designed to help mangers better understand their natural one-to-one supervisory style and apply that knowledge to strengthening their direct-report relationships, Everything DiSC Management is a powerful assessment and training tool when your goal is to improve supervisors’ ability to elicit peak team performance and productivity in a positive work environment.
Paired with training, the Everything DiSC Sales assessment is a powerful, validated tool designed to enable sales professionals to leverage the power of behavioral styles for maximum success. Through learning how to "read" the DiSC styles of customers and prospects, sales professionals are able to adapt their sales communication, body language, and closing styles to connect better, ultimately closing more sales and maintaining better long-term customer relationships.
Focused on cultivating best practices for leaders, the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders assessment emphasizes identifying natural tendencies related to the three elements most fundamental to the work of leaders – vision, alignment and execution – in a one-to-many context. Paired with training, this powerful, validated leadership assessment is designed to empower individual leaders to make the most of their natural leadership strengths while also providing practical, actionable guidance to move toward true best practices to maximize  leadership effectiveness.
Designed to enhance employee and team performance by providing skills necessary to effectively work with all personality types, Everything DiSC Workplace is a powerful tool for improving the work environment, strengthening teams and boosting overall productivity. Paired with training, this powerful, validated behavioral style assessment is designed to enable employees to better understand themselves and others, key factors necessary for individual, team and organizational success. 
Would you like to become certified to facilitate Everything DiSC® at your organization? Accessible anytime, from the convenience of your home or office computer, the online Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification course is the best resource to build foundational knowledge and gain invaluable skills for facilitating Everything DiSC in your organization.