Management & HR Seminars

Microsoft Access is a powerful data tracking software which allows users to customize collected data forms, and queries. This two-day “hands-on” seminar teaches the basic to intermediate skills necessary to achieve many of today’s business needs with data collection. Learn the skills that help you manage your business data the way you want it managed.
Are you ready to become an agile HR leader? This informative training session will provide you with the insights and pracitcal suggestions you need to do just that.
Are you ready to earn your aPHR® certification credential? MTI Business Solutions' in-person, instructor-led aPHR (Associate Professional in Human Resources) certification exam prep course is designed to help you get prepared to do just that! The class encompasses all key exam content areas and provides participants with helpful test-taking strategies and and tips, along with current, comprehensive aPHR exam prep program materials.
Are you ready to earn your aPHR® certification credential? MTI Business Solutions' fully online, instructor-led aPHR (Associate Professional in Human Resources) certification exam prep course is designed to help you get prepared to do just that! This online certification prep course includes expert instruction from a professional instructor. The class encompasses key exam content areas and helpful test-taking strategies and and tips, along with current, comprehensive exam prep program materials.
SQL Server® is much more powerful than either Microsoft Query® or Microsoft Access®. SQL Server allows for complex bulk manipulations for all selected records. MTI’s full two-day, hands on seminar will provide you with the basic skill sets to accomplish the foundational uses for data manipulation. Take control of your data and start improving the benefits of your information.
Goal setting is the heart of any practical approach to performance management. Managers, leaders, and HR professionals all play an essential role in working with employees to set and prioritize tasks. The approach leaders take when working with employees to identify and move forward with goals can have a significant impact not just on the success (or failure) of that employee, but of the overall organization. Learning Objectives
Designed for individuals involved in any aspect of the hiring process, this course provides a comprehensive overview of key facts about protected characteristics to screen applicants, conduct interviews and make hiring decisions in a manner that is compliant with U.S. equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws and regulations.
As an employee of a diverse organization that's committed to inclusion, it's critical to recognize your own biases and proactively strive to overcome any negative impact they may have on attitudes, perceptions, and workplace behaviors.2 Types of Bias: Conscious and UnconsciousIf your first thought is to think "Wait - I don't have any biases," it's important to understand that everyone has biases. There are two kinds of bias - conscious and unconscious - and both are barriers to an inclusive work environment.
Being physically present in the same location isn’t what makes a group of employees a team. Team cohesiveness is just as important for employees working in a virtual environment as it is groups that work face-to-face. Team cohesiveness is the degree to which the members of a team feel a sense of connection to the team and engagement with its shared purpose and goals. It is absolutely possible to build a team connection and cohesiveness in a remote environment. Learning Objectives
Attend our Everything DiSC® Sales training workshop and get the sales and customer service skills you need to connect better with customers and prospects for powerful results.
Attend this half-day seminar and improve your job search and interviewing skills. This outplacement or career development seminar is designed for individuals who are seeking new career opportunities.
If you want to be a great manager or HR professional, it’s important that your employees don’t just see you as a boss. If your employees perceive you solely as a “boss” – and not as a coach, that can set the stage for an adversarial ‘us versus them’ dynamic in the relationship. Such a dynamic doesn’t lead to the most productive or effective work environment, and it can keep individual employees – and teams – from reaching their full potential.
Are you looking for a way to boost employee engagement in your workplace? It is one thing to know that your organization will benefit if employees are more engaged, but another matter entirely to create a culture where employee engagement is the norm. Attend MTI's Components of Engagement: How to Cultivate a Culture of Employee Engagement training session and find out more about what the elusive concept of employee engagement really is, and how to achieve it in your organization.
The Cultivating a Culture of Teamwork seminar is a half-day of practical tips and techniques for cultivating a culture of teamwork within organizations. This seminar can help get maximum return on your employee investment.
While accountability is a crucial component of overall organizational success, it’s an area that managers often find to be challenging – even more so when faced with the unique challenge of applying accountability best practices to a virtual work environment. Whether you’re responsible for overseeing the work of a few employees or an entire enterprise, the way you approach accountability with your remote team will have a critical impact on performance, productivity, and results. Learning Objectives
Learn key skills to build your credibility and become an influential organizational leader, with or without formal authority.
Customer service is a major component of virtually every job and is a key component of organizational success. Attend this half-day seminar and learn keys to cultivating customer loyalty by providing exceptional customer service.
Attend this half-day seminar and improve your ability to effectively manage difficult customer service situations.
Delegating Effectively for Managers Being able to delegate effectively is an important skill for every manager and supervisor. Mastering the skill of delegation will help you succeed as a supervisor and empower your employees to reach their potential as individual producers. Attend MTI’s Delegating Effectively webinar and discover why delegating is so important and how to go about doing so in an appropriate and effective way that drives results.   Focus Areas Key focus areas of this course include:
Attend MTI's informative Diversity & Inclusion workshop and learn how to cultivate cultural competence and set the stage for an inclusive organization.
Looking for practical tips and suggestions that can help you become a more competent communicator in the modern workplace? Attend this half-day seminar and learn how to communicate more effectively in a professional work environment.
Conflict occurs in every job and relationship. Conflict can be good or bad - how you handle it is what makes the difference! Learn key conflict management skills for professional and personal success.
Conflict is a natural part of every job and every relationship of significance. It's a fact that conflict is inevitable in the workplace. It’s also true that conflict isn’t an inherently negative thing. Conflict in and of itself is neither good nor bad. What matters is how conflict is handled – and conflict that is properly handled can strengthen workplace relationships. Effective leaders, managers and HR professionals must be adept at managing conflict.
Listening is a critical communication skill, and it's necessary for success in any occupation. In this half-day course, you'll learn to apply key listening skills necessary for success.
The ability to evaluate employee performance effectively is a key management skill. In this half-day course, you'll learn how to conduct meaningful performance appraisals while avoiding common problems and pitfalls.