Supervisory Success With Everything DiSC

The biggest challenge for supervisors often lies with knowing how to effectively motivate, communicate with and delegate to team members – but you have to be able to do these things to succeed as a manager.

Simplifying Supervisory Success

What works with some employees doesn't work with all of them, so it’s natural for supervisors to sometimes feel like they need to be mind-readers! The good news is that you don’t need to learn how to read minds – all you really need to do is learn how to read people, and it’s easier than you would think! You just need to have the right decoder. Everything That’s where MTI Business Solutions come in.

People really do have their needs written all of them! We’ll teach you how to quickly and easily figure out what they are, as well as leverage your people reading skills for supervisory success, in a way that fits with your own natural personality style.

Using the Everything DiSC Management profile, we provide supervisors at all levels with a personalized, interactive learning experience that takes the mystery out of the real-world challenges of effectively managing people who have very different personalities and needs.

As Margie Bolton, PHR, SHRM-CP, Vice President, Human Resources for Norton Lilly International states, “Everything DiSC assessments are extremely beneficial, as they do much more than tell you what a person’s personality style is. They provide actionable steps customized to each participant based on their precise DiSC style, and the accompanying training MTI Business Solutions provides makes it easy to apply the results in real life.”

Solutions for All Needs

MTI offer solutions for individual supervisors, as well as groups of all sizes. Supervisory success options include:

  • Everything DiSC Management Profile & Debrief (one-on-one debrief session, in person or by phone)
  • Supervisory Success Workshop:  Managing to Individual Styles (one-day interactive workshop with individualized Profile)
    • Corporate workshops for groups at any U.S. location
    • Public workshops for individuals (select locations)
  • Customized Solutions (our expert trainers can work with you to create customized solutions meet your specific needs)

Additional Everything DiSC behavioral solutions are available, including Work of Leaders, Workplace, Sales and 363 for Leaders.

Contact Us

Contact us today and make arrangements to allow us to set your supervisors up for success, and to learn about our full suite of Everything DiSC assessments and training! Learn more at or call 251-478-6848 to speak with one of our Everything DiSC Certified Trainers.

About The Author: 
Mary Gormandy White, M.A., SPHR is co-owner of MTI Business Solutions, where she provides HR, management and leadership training and consulting services for clients throughout the U.S., including the Everything DiSC suite of assessments. She is an Everything DiSC Certified Trainer.