Computer Training

Basic SQL Server

SQL Server® is much more powerful than either Microsoft Query® or Microsoft Access®. SQL Server allows for complex bulk manipulations for all selected records. MTI’s full two-day, hands on seminar will provide you with the basic skill sets to accomplish the foundational uses for data manipulation. Take control of your data and start improving the benefits of your information.

Access (End User)

Microsoft Access is a powerful data tracking software which allows users to customize collected data forms, and queries. This two-day “hands-on” seminar teaches the basic to intermediate skills necessary to achieve many of today’s business needs with data collection. Learn the skills that help you manage your business data the way you want it managed.

Excel Advanced

Microsoft Excel® Advanced goes beyond the basics into the area advanced functions and processes. This course is recommended only for those who already possess very strong skills in Excel®. This full day, hands-on seminar will take you to the next level in mastering Microsoft Excel. Learn the skills that help you know the solutions to complex spreadsheet manipulation.