Agile HR How-To: Developing an Agile HR Strategy

Course Description: 

Today, successful HR practitioners must be agile, acting strategically and quickly to deliver results while also empowering others to do the same. Attend this informative program and learn how to develop an agile mindset and apply the agile framework to HR strategies.

Participate in MTI’s Agile HR How-To: Developing an Agile HR Strategy program and discover what agility means (and why it's important) for the practice of human resource management. In this informative training session, you'll discover the keys to developing an agile mindset and learn how HR leaders can develop and apply agile strategies appropriate for modern organizations.

Key Topics:

Key topics covered Include:

  • Overview of what agile is and how/why it is relevant to HR
  • Key differences between traditional HR strategy development and developing agile HR strategies
  • Knowledge base necessary to begin applying the agile approach to developing and implementing HR strategies
  • Practical tips and suggestions for applying agile to the practice of HR
  • How to develop a habit of agile thinking
  • Qualities necessary to become an agile HR leader

Who Should Attend

  • HR leaders
  • Other HR professionals
  • Organizational Development (OD) professionals
  • Organizational Excellence professionals
  • Learning & development professionals
  • Executives
  • Business owners


This program can be delivered in varying lengths, ranging from a half-day workshop to a one-hour keynote presentation or webinar. Contact us to schedule a session for your company or organization.