Everything DiSC Sales

Course Description: 

Paired with classroom training, the Everything DiSC Sales assessment is a powerful, validated tool designed to enable sales professionals to leverage the power of behavioral styles for maximum success. Through learning how to "read" the DiSC styles of customers and prospects, sales professionals are able to adapt their sales communication, body language, and closing styles to connect better, ultimately closing more sales and maintaining better long-term customer relationships.

Everything DiSC Sales Training Options

Participants will complete an online Everything DiSC Sales assessment questionnaire, then take part in a dynamic training session focused on interpreting and applying individualized results for sales success. They'll receive an individualized Everything DiSC Sales profile, which provides a custom roadmap for building effective sales relationships based on behavioral styles, and ongoing access to MyEverythingDiSC.com, where they can run unlimited one-to-one customer comparison reports as needed. 

  • Everything DiSC Sales Workshop – Group sales training workshop focused on helping participants discover and understand their own DiSC style to better understand themselves, become able to recognize and understand the buying styles of customers and learn how to adapt as needed. (6 or hours)
  • Sales Assessment + Group Debrief – Navigating and understanding your Everything DiSC Sales assessment in a group training session. (2-hour ‘Lunch & Learn’ format)
  • Sales Assessment + Individual Debrief – Individual debrief session with an Everything DiSC Sales assessment to navigate and interpret your assessment. (Telephone; 90 minutes) 
  • Custom Everything DiSC Sales Training Solutions: Pair Everything DiSC Sales with additional MTI Business Solutions Success Seminar Series professional development workshops or customized training.

DIY Administration

If you prefer to administer Everything DiSC Sales (and/or other Everything DiSC tools) in-house, we will be happy to work with you. As your Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, MTI Business Solutions can set up a do-it-yourself assessment dashboard and provide the support and training you need for effective internal implementation.


Sales professionals, sales managers, marketing professionals, business owners.