Everything DiSC Workplace

Course Description: 

Designed to enhance employee and team performance by providing skills necessary to effectively work with all personality types, Everything DiSC Workplace is a powerful tool for improving the work environment, strengthening teams and boosting overall productivity.

Paired with training, this powerful, validated behavioral style assessment is designed to enable employees to better understand themselves and others, key factors necessary for individual, team and organizational success. 

Everything DiSC Workplace Training Options

Participants will complete an online Everything DiSC Workplace assessment questionnaire, then take part in a dynamic training session focused on interpreting and applying individualized results to master the art of building effective workplace relationships. They'll receive an individualized Everything DiSC Workplace profile, which provides a custom roadmap for building relationships and being a better team member based on behavioral styles.

  • Everything DiSC Workplace Seminar – Group workshop focused on helping participants discover and understand their own DiSC style, cultivate understanding of the DiSC styles of others and apply this new knowledge to build more effective workplace relationships. (4 - 5 hours)
  • Workplace Assessment + Group Debrief – Navigating and understanding your Everything DiSC Workplace assessment in a group training session. (2-hour ‘Lunch & Learn’ format)
  • Workplace Assessment + Individual Debrief – Individual debrief session with an Everything DiSC Workplace assessment to navigate and interpret your assessment. (Telephone; 90 minutes) 
  • Custom Workplace Training Solutions: Pair Everything DiSC Workplace with additional MTI Business Solutions Success Seminar Series professional development workshops such as customer service or communication skills.

DIY Administration

If you prefer to administer Everything DiSC Workplace (and/or other Everything DiSC tools) in-house, we will be happy to work with you. As your Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, MTI Business Solutions can set up a do-it-yourself assessment dashboard and provide the support and training you need for effective internal implementation, as well as optional online Everything DiSC Workplace Train-the-Trainer Certification.


Effective with employees at all levels; training does not have to be delivered to intact teams.

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