Internal Investigations Essentials

Course Description: 

For both practical and legal reasons, internal investigations are increasingly becoming an important part of business culture. Managers must be aware of the legal importance of internal investigations as well as the best practices for conducting those investigations.

Properly conducted internal investigations can facilitate prompt conflict resolution and potentially reduce the likelihood of litigation. Properly conducted internal investigations can also provide important evidence in the event litigation does arise. In contrast, poorly conducted internal investigations can create bad evidence.  

MTI's Internal Investigations Essentials seminar provides an overview of the primary employment laws that are likely to come into play when the need for an internal investigation arises, and is designed to provide attendees with practical suggestions for planning and conducting internal investigations in the workplace.

Topics covered in this seminar include: 

  • Overview of federal and state employment laws
  • The role the internal investigation, notes and reports in employment litigation
  • Planning and conducting internal investigations
  • The complaint intake process
  • Determining who should conduct the investigation
  • Creating an investigation action plan
  • Formulating interview questions and conducting interviews
  • Confidentiality
  • Implementing remedial measures during the investigation process
  • Role of legal counsel
  • I've conducted the interviews, now what?
  • Analyzing the evidence and developing response
  • Preparing internal investigation reports
  • Providing feedback to the complaining party
  • Avoiding claims of retaliation

Who Should Attend

  • Business owners
  • HR professionals
  • Safety professionals
  • Ethics officers
  • Compliance officers
  • Others who may be involved in workplace investigations

Delivery Options

This session can be delivered as a half-day lecture-based session or extended to a one- or two-day session with additional detail and interactive activities.

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