Managing Employee Morale in a Difficult Economy

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Managing employee morale is very different during times of economic difficulty than during times of prosperity. When times are tough, one thing is certain. Employees are scared. They are worried about their futures - both with the organization and on a personal level. Efforts to manage morale during down times must start with the recognizing that what employees need during times of uncertainty can't be addressed by traditional approaches to improving morale. 

Course Objectives

MTI's Managing Employee Morale in a Difficult Economy seminar focuses on redefining morale management for a down economy and provides managers with practical tips and suggestions they can adopt to take steps toward alleviating the fear and stress that employees are facing on a daily basis. This class is designed for managers, business owners, and human resources professionals who want to make sure their organization's are taking proactive steps toward effectively managing employee morale in light of the current economic environment. 

The way an organization handles this issue during difficult times can have a direct impact on the company's success - both in the near term and well into the future, even after economic recovery occurs. People look to the organization's leaders for guidance, so it's essential that management is sending the right message to the rest of the organization. If managers are in a panic mode, morale will suffer.

If the company's leaders are focused on open communication and maximizing efficiency the rest of the organization can follow suit. It's important during difficult times to look inside one's own organization for talent and expertise that makes it possible to streamline processes, help employees improve their skills, and keep things moving forward.

Who Should Attend

  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Executives
  • Business owners
  • HR professionals

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