Sales Strategies That Work

Course Description: 

Want to become a more effective sales professional as well as a trusted resource for your customers and potential clients? There was a time when the “hard close” was an acceptable sales method. Today’s consumers and business owners rebel against that method.

Every sales person, sales manager, and business owner should be familiar with a needs-based sales process that always puts the buyer first. Additionally, companies are working hard to hire and retain good employees. You should be able to “sell” your company to potential hires and communicate change to existing employees in a positive manner.

Sales Strategies That Work: How to Open Doors, Win Business, and Build Relationships emphasizes what any sales person, sales manager, business manager or business owner needs to know to continue to strive in the current marketplace. Our challenges are all the same. We must continue to do business, hire and retain employees and maintain a positive reputation to the people who look to us to provide solutions.

Learning Objectives

Topics Covered in this full-day seminar include:

  • How to build a trust-based relationship with a client/employee
  • Establishing self-belief
  • Establishing belief in your product or company
  • Determining client needs through a “Client Needs Analysis” using an open-ended question approach
  • Building and Presenting a solution
  • Negotiating and Securing the Order (formerly known as “Closing”)
  • Executing a plan through all levels of the organization
  • Follow-through and Customer Service
  • Maintaining a client relationship
  • Additional information

Who Should Attend

  • Sales representatives
  • Sales managers
  • Marketers
  • Business owners
  • Public relations practitioners
  • Advertising professionals