Science-Based Selection: Smart Hiring Decisions Made Simple

Course Description: 

Selecting and retaining the right employees is critical to organizational success. Skills aren’t the only important factor to consider. Skills matter, but so does job fit. And job fit involves more than finding someone who will ‘get along’ with their coworkers or manager. Job fit involves cognitive, behavioral, and interest elements – and it’s difficult (impossible, really) to get those just from one-to-one interactions or reviewing application paperwork.  

Making Selection Simple, Human and Smart

Great organizations know success begins with hiring the right people. Fortunately, identifying the right people doesn’t have to be difficult. Not if you use the right tools in the selection process. The key is to take the guesswork out of making hiring decisions through incorporating adaptive testing into your selection process. This involves expanding the focus of selection from impressions (resume, interview, background) to data – and not just any data, but the right data on which to base hiring decisions.  

After all, using key metrics to make a sound business decision is what having a strategic HR mindset is all about. It only makes sense to incorporate key, job-specific analytics that are valid indicators of fit into the selection process to measure the quality of each hire and – beyond that – to use that information to effectively onboard and coach new hires and gain unique insights into team dynamics while laying the groundwork for employee engagement and retention.

Learning Objectives

Attend this informative session and learn how to do just that. Key topics covered include:

  • Exploring job fit – what are the components?
  • Critical risks associated with poor hiring decisions
  • Dollars and cents - identifying the cost a bad hire or a mediocre hire
  • Management perceptions of problems with a traditional, impression-based selection process
  • Validating in the selection process: Exploring validated predictors of job success
  • Incorporating a data-based solution into your hiring process with PXT SelectTM
  • Key advantages of adaptive assessments for selection and beyond
  • Standard performance models versus customized
  • Behavioral, cognitive, and interest-based components of “fit”
  • Reviewing and making sense of sample data
  • Personalized interview questions to explore dimensions of fit
  • Unique insights comparing applicants to each other and across multiple positions
  • Beyond selection – setting the stage for employee engagement and career management with solid data

PXT Select Insights

Watch the PXT Select orientation video: