ServSafe Food Safety Manager Course

Course Description: 

Looking for ServSafe® certification in Alabama or Mississippi Gulf Coast area? MTI offers classes bi-monthly in Mobile, AL. The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification preparation course is a full day course which includes instructor-led training by a Certified ServSafe Instructor, followed by administration of the computer-based ServSafe certification exam with instant score reporting.

Topics covered include:

  1.     Understanding and preventing foodborne illnesses
  2.     The dangers of pathogens, viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and biological toxins
  3.     Keeping food safe from contamination
  4.     Understanding food allergens
  5.     Personal hygiene for foodservice professionals
  6.     Managing the flow of food, including time and temperature monitoring
  7.     Purchasing, receiving, and storing food
  8.     Preparing, cooking, holding, serving, cooling, and reheating food
  9.     Understanding food safety and crisis management systems
  10.     Designing and maintaining a sanitary foodservice operation
  11.     Cleaning, sanitizing, and dishwashing techniques
  12.     Additional information related to food service safety management

The class includes the ServSafe Essentials (6th edition) book and same day computer-based testing with instant results for the ServSafe Food Protection Manager exam.

Private training sessions are available for groups of six or more.

Additional ServSafe Certification Options
Please note: In addition to the instructor-led ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification course, computer based ServSafe exam administration is available by reservation in MTI's Mobile, AL

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