Setting the Stage for Employee Engagement

Course Description: 

Are you looking for a way to boost employee engagement in your workplace? It’s one thing to know that your organization will benefit if employees are more engaged, but another matter entirely to create a culture where employee engagement is the norm.

Participate in MTI’s Setting the Stage for Employee Engagement training session and find out what steps you need to take to create a culture where employee engagement is not only possible – but likely. Learn what employee engagement really is, and how to begin setting the stage for a culture of engagement in your own organization.

Topics covered include:

  •     Find out what employee engagement really is
  •     Evaluate the roles relationship between leadership and engagement
  •     Identify 10 important factors that impact employee engagement
  •     Assess the role of leaders in creating a culture where engagement is possible
  •     Learn practical steps you can take to become a leader for engagement

Who Should Attend

  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Team leaders
  • Business owners
  • HR professionals


This program can be delivered in varying lengths, ranging from a half-day workshop to a one-hour keynote presentation or webinar. Contact us to schedule a session for your company or organization.

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