Strategic Business Communication

Course Description: 

Is your company's communication strategy one that will help your organization accomplish its long term strategic business objectives? Do your organization's stakeholders have an accurate perception of where your company is today as well as its vision for the future? To answer "yes" to these questions, it's essential that your company utilizes a systematic and strategic communication strategy with both internal and external audiences.

MTI's Strategic Business Communication seminar is designed for managers, business owners, corporate communication directors, human resources professionals, and others who are involved in business planning, strategy development, and organizational communication. This course is designed to provide attendees with practical tips and suggestions that can be used to create and implement a strategic communications plan that is linked to the accomplishment of business goals and objectives. The role and effective use of communication with an organization, including implications for internal and external publics, are emphasized.

Topics covered include:

  • Defining the link between organizational communication strategy and accomplishing business objectives
  • Defining an organization's vision, mission, and values through effective organizational communication
  • Understanding how and why the language used by leaders defines the tone of an organization's culture
  • Clarifying the flow, structure, and role of communication within organizations
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to effective organizational communication
  • Laying the groundwork for an effective employee communication strategy
  • Identifying and utilizing formal and informal communication channels
  • Creating an integrated internal and external communication strategy

Who Should Attend

  • Communication professionals
  • PR professionals
  • Team leaders
  • Executives
  • Business owners
  • HR professionals
  • Safety professionals


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