Time Mastery Workshop with Individualized Assessment

Course Description: 

Looking for a time management training program with immediate impact? Based on Wiley's Time Mastery Profile®, this program pairs a complete, self-directed assessment of current time management behaviors and effectiveness with in-person time management training led by a professional facilitator. Complete your personal Time Mastery Profile and attend this insightful and informative half-day or full-day workshop to become more aware of what your current time management behaviors, discover whether (and how!) they benefit or hurt you, and develop a customized time management system to master every moment in your busy schedule.

The Time Mastery Profile helps you to more effectively use planners, calendars, and other time-management tools to accomplish more and find greater balance in your daily life. Since the focus is on behavior, you can be used this time management assessment tool with any calendar or planner system (paper or electronic). This program is designed to work with and complement other time management systems such as Day-Time®, Franklin Covey and other programs and daily planners. The Time Mastery Profile also helps people to more effectively use planners, calendars, software applications, and other time-management tools to accomplish more and find greater balance in their daily lives.

Key Benefits:

Our Time Mastery Workshop with Individualized Assessment helps people in your organization:

  • Discover their time management strengths
  • Develop new skills for improved performance
  • Increase personal, team, and organizational efficiency, effectiveness, profitability and job satisfaction
  • Focus on priorities
  • Increase productivity
  • Better meet customer needs
  • Respond to opportunities
  • Reduce stress and anxiety

Contact us to schedule your Time Mastery Workshop With Individualized Assessment session today. This session is available for groups of all sizes at any U.S. location. Contact us at training@mtibusiness.com or 251-478-6848, ext. 700.