Workplace Harassment Prevention for Employees

Course Description: 

Workplace Harassment Prevention for Employees emphasizes what employees need to know to prevent, recognize, and report harassment in the workplace. Every member of an organization's workforce needs to have a clear understanding of what workplace harassment really is, in order to be able to recognize and avoid engaging in such behaviors. Ensuring that employees are properly trained regarding all types of workplace harassment, including sexual harassment, is something that every organization should do as part of its risk management strategy and commitment to building a positive, productive work environment.

Course Content

Topics covered In this 1 - 2 hour seminar Include:

  • Types of workplace harassment: sexual harassment, quid pro quo harassment, hostile work environment harassment
  • Overview of all federally protected characteristics
  • Who can commit/who can experience workplace harassment
  • Examples/types of harassing behaviors (verbal, non-verbal, physical)
  • Impact of workplace harassment on work environment
  • Playing your part in creating a harassment-free workplace
  • Information specific to your company policy (optional)

Who Should Attend


Training is available at any U.S. location. Webinar training and conference presentations are also available. Contact us today to schedule training for your team. Harassment training focused on non-supervisory employees is also available.

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