Workplace Mentoring 101: How to Be an Effective Mentor

Course Description: 

This course covers essential skills and best practices focused on teaching participants how to be a good mentor in the workplace. It is appropriate both for peer mentors and managers/supervisors and other leaders whose roles involve mentoring.  

Learn How to Be a Good Mentor in the Workplace

Mentoring can be a powerful tool for employee development, though the success of such initiatives starts with ensuring that mentors have the skills that are necessary to help develop mentees. MTI’s one-day Workplace Mentoring 101 session is designed for individuals who are or are preparing to serve as mentors in employee development programs, as well as managers, HR professionals, and other leaders. This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of key best practices for workplace mentoring and practical strategies for mentoring success.

Learning Objectives

Key focus areas of MTI's Workplace Mentoring 101: How to Be an Effective Mentor course include:  

  • Introduction to Mentoring: Characteristics & responsibilities of being a mentor, including establishing expectations and setting ground rules
  • Effective Feedback: Key skills for providing effective feedback in a mentoring relationship, including positive feedback (both appreciation and praise) and feedback focused on performance improvement.
  • Coaching Skills for Mentors: Mastering the do’s and don’ts of coaching-focused communication to motivate mentees to achieve their potential.
  • Relationship Management: Defining & developing the mentor/mentee relationship, including building trust and adapting to individual differences.

Who should attend:

  • Workplace mentors
  • Mentor trainees
  • Talent development professionals
  • Professionals preparing for a move to management/leadership
  • Organizational development professionals
  • High potentials
  • Individuals involved in onboarding
  • Peer leaders
  • Business owners
  • Human resource management professionals
  • Others who have management or leadership responsibilities

Course Length

This course is available as a full-day in-person workshop, though components of the program can be presented in a half-day in-person format or via a series of shorter webinars, such as 60 - 90 minute lunch and learn sessions. Contact us to schedule a session at any U.S. location.

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