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Delegating Effectively for Managers

Delegating Effectively for Managers

Being able to delegate effectively is an important skill for every manager and supervisor. Mastering the skill of delegation will help you succeed as a supervisor and empower your employees to reach their potential as individual producers. Attend MTI’s Delegating Effectively webinar and discover why delegating is so important and how to go about doing so in an appropriate and effective way that drives results.


Focus Areas

Key focus areas of this course include:

Science-Based Selection: Smart Hiring Decisions Made Simple

Selecting and retaining the right employees is critical to organizational success. Skills aren’t the only important factor to consider. Skills matter, but so does job fit. And job fit involves more than finding someone who will ‘get along’ with their coworkers or manager. Job fit involves cognitive, behavioral, and interest elements – and it’s difficult (impossible, really) to get those just from one-to-one interactions or reviewing application paperwork.  

Components of Engagement: How to Cultivate a Culture of Employee Engagement

Are you looking for a way to boost employee engagement in your workplace? It is one thing to know that your organization will benefit if employees are more engaged, but another matter entirely to create a culture where employee engagement is the norm. Attend MTI's Components of Engagement: How to Cultivate a Culture of Employee Engagement training session and find out more about what the elusive concept of employee engagement really is, and how to achieve it in your organization.