Team Building

Courses and training related to team building or teamwork.

Effective Conflict Management: Skills & Strategies for Supervisors

Conflict is a natural part of every job and every relationship of significance. It's a fact that conflict is inevitable in the workplace. It’s also true that conflict isn’t an inherently negative thing. Conflict in and of itself is neither good nor bad. What matters is how conflict is handled – and conflict that is properly handled can strengthen workplace relationships. Effective leaders, managers and HR professionals must be adept at managing conflict.

Best Practices for Establishing & Prioritizing Employee Goals

Goal setting is the heart of any practical approach to performance management. Managers, leaders, and HR professionals all play an essential role in working with employees to set and prioritize tasks. The approach leaders take when working with employees to identify and move forward with goals can have a significant impact not just on the success (or failure) of that employee, but of the overall organization.

Learning Objectives

Building a Team Connection in a Remote Environment

Being physically present in the same location isn’t what makes a group of employees a team. Team cohesiveness is just as important for employees working in a virtual environment as it is groups that work face-to-face. Team cohesiveness is the degree to which the members of a team feel a sense of connection to the team and engagement with its shared purpose and goals. It is absolutely possible to build a team connection and cohesiveness in a remote environment.

Learning Objectives