What is an Everything DiSC Assessment?

The simple answer is a series of adaptive questions to help an individual understand their personality tendencies. This information helps an individual better understand their natural tendencies towards others, tasks, and identify those tendencies that require more energy.

Which workshop is best for my organization?

This is a simple question with many individualized factors, so a precise answer is complicated. We can provide a general overview of the primary difference between workshops and assessments with insight into the benefits.

Everything DiSC Workplace® is the most versatile in understanding an individual’s personality tendencies in relation to others in the workplace. This self-awareness knowledge can provide insight into possible workplace conflicts, syncing team efforts, and even identify group tendencies as a whole organization. The profile provided with this type of assessment can provide a valuable resource for direct training.

What is the cost of an Everything DiSC workshop?

Our workshops are customizable to meet the needs required specifically for your organization. There are a few factors we take in consideration before sending a training proposal. Those factors include the number of participants (number of assessments delivered), total amount of training hours (workshop type), and operating expenses to deliver the training (training at our location or off-site). Typically we can provide you with a written proposal shortly after receiving this basic information. Contact us by phone or email and we will immediately start assessing your needs and a valued proposal.

Contact Information:
Email Us: training@mtibusiness.com
Phone: 251.478.6848

Do you offer private training?

MTI offers both private company training and individual tutoring on a pre-scheduled bases. Our public seminars can be adjusted for your needs in for both the subject and the time required. There is a two our minimum for this type of training.

Do I need a computer for class?

NO…We have a computer lab classroom with 14 desktop computers. Our computer courses are specifically designed to teach in a hands-on environment.

When do you offer classes?

MTI Business Solutions typically offers the ServSafe Food Protection Managers course every other Wednesday. The class is offered only on Wednesday but the dates are affected by holidays and breaks. Please check the current schedule.

When do I get my certificate or results?

MTI administers all ServSafe testing by computer which generates results immediately after taking the exam. The score report generated can be proof of your testing accomplishment, but is not an official document. The official ServSafe Certificate takes about 3 weeks to receive in the mail for individuals attaining a passing score.

Can I pay with cash or check?

Yes…all of our course registration have a “pay at the door” option. We only ask that you have the “exact amount” if paying cash. All checks payable to: MTI. Course seat availability is limited so getting registered for the course you prefer is the first step. You may also pay online with a major credit card.

What is a passing score?

The ServSafe Food Protection Manager exam is based on 90 multiple choice questions and requires a passing score of 75%. The time limit for the test is 2 hours but the average tester finishes in a little over an hour.

Do I have to take the ServSafe class?

The state of Alabama does not require class attendance. The requirement is demonstrate knowledge of food safety as outlined in the current Model Food Code by successfully passing an accredited proctored exam for Food Safety Protection. Although not advised you can schedule to “take exam only” when registering for any of the upcoming classes and select that option. You would then test on the class date but later in the afternoon after the class was concluded.

Why do I need the food safety certification?

Because it’s a law that went into effective as of January 1, 2010, Alabama requires Food Protection Manager Certification for a person in charge of a food establishment and demonstrate knowledge of food safety as outlined in the current Model Food Code.